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PSSA - What We Do

The PSSA hosts one of the largest state skeet championship events in the United States at the beautiful Shenecoy Sportsmen club located in central Pennsylvania in McConellstown PA near Raystown Lake.

The setting on top of the a PA mountain provides for a great shooting experience.

It is a misconception that you must be "good at skeet" to compete. We welcome shooters of ALL abilities and NSSA registered skeet events provide for classification system so that shooters compete against other shooters of the same ability.  In 2018 we had 185 shooters in the 12-Gauge event and 80 of those were Class C, D and E shooters.

Find a local club and come out and shoot.

Find a registered NSSA event

Free NSSA Complimentary Limited Membership 

When you join the NSSA you automatically are a PSSA member

Come out and compete only if it is for one event. See what it is like.

We welcome new shooters of all levels.



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