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PSSA Purpose

  1. To promote the sport of skeet shooting.

  2. To guide, encourage, and assist in the organization of skeet clubs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  3. To strengthen those clubs already organized by increasing the interest in skeet shooting through the distribution of information pertaining to shooting activities within the Association and the National Skeet Shooting Association.

  4. To promote and encourage skeet shooting within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and at the clubs affiliated with the Pennsylvania Skeet Shooting Association.

  5. To standardize rules and policies, and to coordinate plans for tournament shooting; to provide a sponsoring and governing body for the annual Pennsylvania State Skeet Championships.

  6. To cultivate good sportsmanship between its member clubs.

  7. To foster and advance good fellowship and a clean competitive interest in the sport of skeet shooting among all members of all clubs within the Association.

  8. To follow the rules and regulations set forth by the National Skeet Shooting Association.

  9. To provide a liaison between member clubs and the National Skeet Shooting Association.

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